Restore One: Cambodia

In Phnom Penh, a life of dignity, safety and security can be hard to find for young women
For many young Cambodian women, born  without the privilege of money or education, a life of dignity is often  out of  reach. Many end up in forced labour or slavery – unable to find any other way to make a living, pay their debts or support their families. Unless action is taken now, this cycle of poverty will affect generations to come.
Restore One exists to empower vulnerable women and restore broken communities in Cambodia
Restore One's overarching passion is to bring about change in Cambodia, one community at a time. The organisation seeks to change lives in a way that is both tangible and sustainable by placing a key focus on education. From houses for the homeless to micro-business for the unemployed, potential projects are assessed with one question in mind: “Will this have a genuine and lasting impact on the lives of these people?”
Education – the key to breaking the  cycle of poverty
Restore One's not-for-profit cafe and training centre in Phnom Penh  serves as a  home and  training  ground for many vulnerable women. The centre equips participants with the knowledge and skills to maintain a career in the hospitality industry and break  the dangerous cycle of human trafficking – all while serving  some of Phnom Penh's best loved burgers!
Three ways to support Restore One
Raise awareness
Extreme poverty and human trafficking are real issues faced by Cambodian women today. Help drive change by raising awareness in your community.
Donate directly
Be a part of the change and help support the amazing work of Restore One and their various initiatives by donating directly to their cause here.
Purchase a calendar
Purchase a Dishes 2016 Calendar. All proceeds go towards funding Restore One's training centre and not-for-profit cafe in Phnom Penh.